Spring Lookbook: Holy Cherries

Spring Lookbook: Holy Cherries

Looking for a bold look this summer? See how Holy Cherries is bringing in the warm season by pairing the Roxy underneath your outfit for a sexy spring look. 
First, find out how this Queen made this look happen!

What inspired this look?

I was browsing Pinterest and saw a model with a white button up shirt and suspenders and though “how can I make this more punk?”,  then I threw it all together!

At what point did you decide you should put some SKG in it?

Instantly. I knew this look would require the Roxy too to add a touch of naughty. 

What SKG are you wearing and what other brands are you wearing?

I’m wearing the Roxy top and a pair of custom ordered SKG suspenders.


Are you going to any events this summer where you’d wear this look?

I have a concert on my birthday that this would be perfect for!



What is your dream SKG purchase?

I am currently eyeing the Venus body suit and the Pentagram Thigh harnesses!

Love the Roxy? Get the matching bottoms to go with it! 


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