On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink Vol. 1

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink Vol. 1

Ever since Noodlez did her Cotton Candy Look Book, SKG Designs has been looking for more ways to showcase pink. With the coming of the vegan collection, pink has now become an option for leather lovers! 

This look was put together by Jasemine Denise. 

What Inspired This Look?

It sounds cliche but I was definitely inspired by the design of the Dita Harness. I have three Ditas, one in elastic, one in red and black leather and one in pink vegan leather.

What inspired this outfit?

The song Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly, off of the album Bloom. It has a soft but edgy vibe to me and it just kinda resonated in me deep so much that it actually gave me all the inspiration I needed. The next thing you know, I was walking around with my dead flowers, sniffing them and humming to myself.

What is your dream SKG purchase? 

Actually, my dream SKG purchase is mine now. I'd buy it eight more times though. The Xylia belt? I loved it so much I went back for the Xylia collar. 

What other brands are you wearing in this look?

I'm wearing Sugar Thrillz, which is where the corset top came from. They've got some real Princess vibes! My pink hair is actually created by another Ohio small business owner, Weave N Luxury

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