Kali Neko - Travel Goth Fashion Ft SKG Designs

Kali Neko - Travel Goth Fashion Ft SKG Designs

What inspired this look?

I've been thinking about vampire themes recently and when Killstar dropped their coffin shaped carry on, I knew exactly what to do: a vampire just off her "flight"! 


At what point did you decide you should put some SKG in it? 

The general outfit, while cute, needed something extra to really bring it together. A classy vamp always accessorizes.


What SKG are you wearing and what other brands are you wearing?


Lilith collar in vegan leather and Lina belt in leather by SKG

Bat collar Wednesday Addams All Over Batty Dress by Too Fast

Cemetery Lane pumps by Killstar


Are you going to any events this summer where you’d wear this look?


I'd love to go to a live show wearing this fit but am definitely planning to wear it at Wave Gotik Treffen 2020



What is your dream SKG purchase?


Definitely more spiked leather pieces like the spiked garters, Jasemine harness, and Lydia chest harness in both black and purple vegan leather.

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